Tuesday, March 9, 2010

glorious day

I swear I'm not anti-blogging. We've been wrapping up our winter with a celebration of fevers, snot, and ear infections. I promise you that I feed my kids a well-balanced diet chock full of vitamins and organic yumminess. They get sunshine (although limited this freaky winter) and fresh air. I can't get them well long enough to stay well!!!

MOVING ON. Today was absolutely gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous! Blue skies, light breeze, temperature in the 70s, lovely.

We went to the park for the first time in forever and soaked up the sun with lots of other cabin fever refugees. I met another mom who happily talked Down syndrome with me. Her best friend's sister is a 27 year old young woman with Down syndrome living independently with a little support in her own apartment with her own job. It was lovely to hear. (And really, that's what I want for both of my kids. Live independently. Be happy. Everything else is gravy.)

Other stuff going on:

-Kira has let me fix her hair for school three days in a row. That's big, y'all. Ponytails, pigtails, braids - and all have made it through the school day relatively intact.

-Kira actually peed in the potty last night. We sit on it ad nauseum, but last night she actually went. woo to the hoo, y'all. I think we're going to go hard core nekkid potty training bootcamp during spring break.

-We had to postpone Jackson's bday party due to the aforementioned fever snotty funtime, so we're looking forward to our re-scheduled event. Theme: silly monsters. It was too late to cancel the cake for the cancelled party, so I have 3 lbs of silly monster cake added to my butt. Red velvet cake in the fridge is a siren's call I cannot resist.

-I am the mother of a five year old. Not possible.

-Kira woke up this morning and called me "Wendy" for the first 10 minutes she was up. I revelled in the fact that she gets that I'm "Mommy" and my name is "Wendy". Then I reminded her that she's not allowed to call me, "Wendy".

-School is going really well for Kira. I need to do a speech/signing update. She's learning lots of new words, which is exciting. The lovely Malea sent us a signing time dvd and Kira almost instantly began using new words and signs. I didn't realize that the dvds also feature the word written out, too. I bet they'll be useful for sight reading. Has anyone had any experience with that?
I'll leave you with a quote my grandmother sent me: Do the best you can with what you have at the time you are doing it.

And some pics from the past few weeks:
poor little sickie sicks:
Kira in her sick nest, saying "cheeeeeeeeese," but not removing her eyes from the TV:
Tough guy:
Cancelled, but cute cake:


  1. We are enjoying the weather today too! Love that you put the candles on the cake for the picture:)

  2. Glad the sun came out for you! The sun shined so bright today, but I have one sick kid at home...and it's so so cold! Well, at least your kids look cute when they're sick :)

  3. This post made me laugh--well, not the sick all the time part--but the cake call and the reminder that she can't call you Wendy. We love SigningTime here too!