Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ready for summer. thinking about Christmas.

Yep. You read that right. I'm ready for summer and thinking about Christmas.

I spent yesterday printing out all of the calendars for all of the free/cheap summer stuff going on around here. It's amazing how many really cool things there are to do. We're lucky to have a Levitt Pavilion that offers free concerts from now through July 3. There are several free/cheap movie festivals going on. And, of course, all of the Summer Reading Club events at the library.

So, I've gathered all of the info up into a Summer 2010 folder. I went ahead and put all of the regular weekly offerings together onto a weekly planner page, so I'll know what our options are each week, in addition to whatever special stuff is going on. I'm so excited!

Now for the Christmas part. I'm going for a mainly handmade Christmas again this year. I'm scouting the yard sales and thrift stores for crafting supplies and bookmarking tutorial links like a madwoman.

Anyone up for doing a Handmade Christmas with me this year? (Carrie!)

Also Christmas related during the summer:

-Target does a big toy clearance (think 75% off) usually at the end of July/first of August. You'll see them start to gather all the clearance toys onto one or two aisles. They'll do their usual 30%, then 50% off first. If you can catch the 75% off it's a great time to start your Christmas shopping or to stock up on toys for last minute birthday party gifts.

-Back to school sales on school supplies start Julyish, too. It is hands down the best time of year to stock up on art supplies. You can't beat .25 scissors and crayons, and paper, glue, folders, etc for even cheaper. I like to stock up on all of it for craft supplies for my kids and for gifts/party favors for the whole year.

Thank you for joining me for a Random Minute in Wendy's Brain. That's all I got. Hug your babies.


  1. I want to have organization drive like you when I grow up. The thought of your folder of summer fun makes me giddy. :)

  2. I was just thinking about Christmas today. I thought of you when I saw a hopscotch mat in a catalog and thought "hmmm, could I make that?" I'm in for making some gifts, I don't know if I could go completely handmade though. We started giving handmade gifts to our families a few years ago. This year we going to give dried herbs from our garden.

  3. I too just finished our summer folder There's a ton of free stuff to keep us busy.
    Vin and I will be gone for the next two weeks at Mayme's. I'll call you when I get back and we can take the kids out and about.

  4. I'm in for the handmade christmas! We are doing quiet books, puppets, beanbag chairs, hopefully a felt playhouse to put over the table...and anything else that looks doable and fun. :) We are moving in a couple of weeks, and once we are settled in, I will have a craft room that will become Santa's workshop! I hope I can pull it off!