Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the spirit of sisterhood

Alright, y'all asked for it! I checked in on the blogosphere before getting everyone ready for zoo school this morning, and saw Lisa's post about Tricia's tag.

Here's the deal: Essentially the idea was: take a picture of yourself right now, no touch ups, no primping,! Before you change your mind.

I followed the instructions and took the picture while I was waiting for my coffee this morning. I didn't have time to post then, so here it is now.

Note to self: Do not fall asleep with hair wet ever again. Poor Derek should not have to wake up to that hair.

So, if you're reading this - TAG! Go, now, do it and let me know that you did! (Or I guess I really do have bigger ovaries than you do!)


  1. You're adorable Wendy, and I hate you. (hee hee, just kidding ;)

  2. You ARE adorable!!! And I love the threat at the end! :O)

  3. Yes adorable. I am calling you out because how hard is it to post a picture where you look so cute?! ;)

  4. Are we looking at the same picture? Thank y'all for being so sweet!

  5. I agree with everyone else! You look super cute! I posted my pic. today.

  6. Hush Wendy you always look cute! I know i've seen you at 7am! S