Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mayme - we're fine - thanks for checking!

Wow, we've been busy! My lovely friend Patty Buzzard Butt (yes that's her name - it pleases me to no end - no pun intended) was worried that I hadn't posted in awhile and called her lovely daughter, Kam, to check on me. I love friends! and the blogosphere! and friends in the blogosphere! So, Patty, we're fine - we've just been crazy busy.

Derek was best man in his friend, Brandon's wedding. I barely have any pictures, though. He was Best Man, so I was Momma Wrangling Two Tired Over-sugared Children. Here are a few pics from the rehearsal dinner:

Portrait of the Groom (by Jackson)

Portrait of Derek and Kira (by Jackson)
Portrait of me and Jackson's arm (by Kira with help from Daddy)

And a couple of pics of the kids on the wedding day. Jackson insisted on wearing "trousers and suspenders" to the ceremony. He spent the whole evening pointing them out to everyone. "Do you like my trousers? They're seersucker! And my suspenders are mint green!" He's snazzy, that one.
My sister visited last week and brought a dress for Kira. It just happened to match the mint green of Jackson's suspenders. I don't have a shot of her that isn't blurry - she was running all over the place! We bought little Stride Rite leather sandals for her to wear and even though they were outrageously expensive, I think they were worth it. They really support her little ankles well and she looked so cute!

The wedding colors were kind of an orange sherbet (sherbert, sorbet?) and mint green - the kids looked like they could have been in the wedding. The bride was GORGEOUS - I wish I had a picture. The wedding was lovely, outside and hot, but lovely.

We went to the zoo with Kam and Vin yesterday. It was a lot of fun, outside and hot, but fun. Again, no pictures. I'm hoping to steal some from Kam. Vin is officially a walker now and is SO cute. He thinks Jackson is just the coolest thing ever.
And speaking of hot - 100 humid nasty degrees up in here today. YUCK!


  1. sweet photos. looks like fun. glad all is well!

  2. I was glad to hear that you were out having fun. I enjoy reading your blog. Love Mayme

  3. Their outfits are sooo cute!!

  4. Your kids are SO CUTE in their pretty dress up clothes! And seriously, seersucker?! How funny that he'd tell everyone that. I don't think I'd know seersucker from ... well, from any other kind of pants.

    Stride Rite shoes are so pricey - but I had to buy them when Braden was little, because his fat little feet were like blocks. They were just cubes of feet!! Ruby has the same fat little feet! I love them! But, I am hoping if she ever outgrows her orthotics, she can wear Braden's old sandals.

  5. Your kids are super cute! Love your little guy showing off his duds. Darling!

  6. Extremely adorable those kids of yours! Glad ya'll had a good time at the wedding!

  7. What? No pictures??? LOL...the ones you have are great! The kiddos look wonderful and so does your man!