Tuesday, June 30, 2009

busy busy busy

Wow, be careful what you wish for, for real. That week and a half that we were under house arrest with hand, foot, and mouth disease, all I could think about was going and doing. The past couple of weeks have been nuts.

Good stuff, thankfully. I'm not complaining. I just need a nap!

We visited with AA and H today while their Mom is doing some yoga training. We had a lovely time (and hey ME if you're getting to read this!). I definitely don't know how you moms with 4 or more kiddos do it, though. I am worn out.

We visited with the in-laws this weekend and had a great time then, too.

Let's see...what else? A couple of summer movies - Because of Winn Dixie (have any of y'all seen this? Jackson and I went to it and I cannot believe he was willing to sit through the whole thing. I'm sure it's a great book, but the movie was kind of depressing.) We also saw Wallace and Gromit (Jackson says "grummit") and the Case of the Wererabbit. Cute, funny, but I could not believe the adult humor (mainly sight gags) scattered throughout it. I've become quite the fuddy-duddy in my motherhood, apparently.

Oh and have y'all seen this blog: Steady Mom - I just found it and am really enjoying it. You might check it out - you know if you just don't have enough things to do online. ;)


  1. Cute photo. Hope everyone's feeling better!

  2. I had truly missed reading your blogs so welcome back! :)
    And keep em comin w/ the blogs you find--I love reading those too. You always find the best ones! Hope to see you soon. And thanks again for those clothes for Mia--they are fitting perfectly right now!