Sunday, June 14, 2009

Still here

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday. Not much interesting to report, so here's how our week went.

Monday - bopped around the house
Tuesday - Library story time - speech therapy - lovely visit with my dad
Wednesday - took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda in the morning (free movie series) and had a visit with their Aunt Beeka in the evening.
Thursday - stormy day that kept us inside - had to cancel plans with Kam & Vin (missed y'all, btw!)
Friday - play date with Michele and Grace - so much fun!
Saturday - another longer visit with Aunt Beeka - much Candyland and Chutes -n- Ladders

Speech therapy recap:
Kira's therapist thinks we're still ok with once a month - and I agree.
We're working on:
  • Pronouns
  • Saying her own name. (Note to self: next go-round, give all children names that only use the "b" and "d" sounds.)
  • novel commands (like please go to your room and bring mommy Jackson's shoe)
  • concepts of "one" vs "all"
  • negation (no book, no eat, etc)
  • yes & no answers to questions (She's got "no" down, believe me. She usually nods or answers "yes" questions with a noun - like answering "bites" if I ask her if she's hungry.)
Kira sees her speech path and OT once a month. She sees her PT quarterly. I'm happy with that and think she's doing really well. However, because of that, most of our visits involve basically running down checklists to see how she's progressing. I hate that part. There is always some skill or ridiculous task that I never even thought to practice. It's hard to feel like your mothering skills are being tested. And I really don't want Kira to ever feel like she's letting me down, because she SO isn't. Anyway, there's a whole post there, but I don't have the energy right now.

We're looking forward to another busy week - hope y'all have a wonderful one!

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