Sunday, September 20, 2009

handmade christmas - lots o' links

I'll get some photo/updatey posts up soon, really. (Hey, has anyone seen that little cord that hooks the camera up to the computer? Just wondering.)

Anyway, thought I'd share some project links for any of y'all who are doing handmade Christmas projects.

Nested has the cutest project for storing/displaying hair clips. I'm not sure if I'll do this for Christmas, but it's definitely going in my future birthday gifts file. (Found via The Long Thread.)

Fantastic Toys Blog has a cute 5 page downloadable pdf of gnome themed paper dolls, finger puppets, and gnome bowling - I'm using it for stocking stuffers. (Found via Nested.)

One Inch World has a super cute counting bean bags set.

I found that link from this awesome sewing links post from Thrifty Craft Mama. (Cate - there are felt food links in there, too.)
Hope that gets some creative juices flowing for you! Now, I need to stop looking at all these wonderful blogs and get to crafting.


  1. Thanks for the paper doll downloads. AA will love it!

    I'm taking a break form crocheted food. Just finished a purse for my niece and starting on this:
    for grandparents. So many pieces of the kids clothes! Hope I can let it go when it's complete.

  2. My sister was still signed in from her visit. That was me, Mary Elizabeth!

  3. I'm loving the felt food. I'm going to make a ton of that for Vin!!!

  4. Oh no! Not only are you witty and fun, you also do crafts?? Those are all way too cute. I have a craft disability, and it makes me envious of those who have skills.

    But I can make toast. But not from my bathroom.

  5. Love all these ideas. Thanks for sharing.