Thursday, September 24, 2009

yep. he's a boy

We're so proud - Jackson wrote his first ever, no help from Mom, sounding it out himself word.

Here it is:

And look! Plural!

This was followed by poo-poo and tee-tee, of course. I figured we might as well run with it, so I made him a thematic word list and told him to get to practicing.

In related news, my darling son asked me if I wanted to see a smoke signal. He then proceeded to turn around and...well...see above.

We're so proud.


  1. OK, I'm sure that is from the Perdue side----couldn't possibly be from the Isom side of the family---LOL (Mom)

  2. That is classic! Yes, you have a true boy on your hands. I have a couple of those over here :).

    There was a little boy in my son's kindergarten class who really struggled with his letters and learning to read. While in the car with his parents and grandparents, he shouted, "Hey, I can read that sign!! It says HOOTERS". Gotta love the male brain. Bathroom humor and boobs always get their attention :).

  3. Hilarious! Alex, I think, hopes Rainer will have the same sense of humor!!! :)