Saturday, December 12, 2009


Finally, some pics of something I've made! Brandie commented on my last post that she couldn't wait 'til after Christmas to see pics of the stuff I'm making. That made me think, "Holy crap! I haven't been taking pics of the stuff I'm making and giving away!" So, forgive these hastily done shots, but this is what I gave my niece for her birthday, today.

The scarf is made with fun fur, which is decidedly not fun to crochet. It's just single crochet, no pattern. I crocheted two flowers (super easy pattern found here) and stitched them onto a hair elastic to use as a scarf closure or as a hair tie. I also crocheted more fun fur around another hair elastic and attached another flower to that. I figured she could use it as a bracelet or a hair scrunchie.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I think my niece really liked it, too.

I'm finishing up a wrap/shawl for grandma - I'll hopefully get pics up of it, tomorrow. Apparently, scarves are in for the 9-yo set, so instead of the bag I was originally going to make for my niece for Christmas, I'm going to do a long scarf. I'm kid free tomorrow, so Santa's workshop will be open for business. I'm planning to get the puppet stage done and paint the wooden things I bought earlier in the month. I think I might post pics on my other blog and then link to this one. Jackson sees this one all the time, so I don't dare post pics here before Christmas. I figure I only have a couple more years before that one figures the whole deal out. He already informed me that the guy at the mall wasn't the real Santa Claus. He's 4, y'all.

I'm enjoying crafting this Christmas so much! AND I learned that the crochet stitch I've been doing for years is a herringbone half double crochet stitch. Dang I'm fancy.

Don't forget to check out Lily's auction for some lovely Christmas gifts. It closes on the 15th, so plenty of time for Christmas shipping!

And one last thing, during all of this Christmas madness - kiss your kids, hug your spouse, be a good friend, life is short and aren't we lucky to have all these wonderful people who love us around us every day? Blessed, I tell ya.


  1. I rarely finish making anything, so pictures are how I document that I actually finished something. The scarf is very cool. My mom crocheted fun fur to flip flops for my kids (and me) during the summer. When they wanted it changed we just cut it off.

  2. those are so cute! I bet she will love it! I was doing so well on my Christmas knitting until I broke my arm this week. :( I am hoping to get enough movement ability to finish the 2 that are half finished (totally doable with working limbs!)

  3. hey glad to know the stitch situation is figured out! these crafts are awesome. Hey, call you this week...michele