Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dang y'all

This has been a tough week. I mentioned we're scrumbled. And thank you so much to everyone for the lovely, lovely comments.

That post was an attempt to give this week some perspective, but it's been really hard to step back and see things for what they are lately.

For example:
Yesterday, just before he went down for his nap, Jackson asked if we could "pretend Christmas" when he got up. Now, I know my son. He has a flair for the dramatic and I knew that he would not only throw some wild-ass request my way, but that there would be NO WAY that I would be able to successfully complete the task.

So, I said, "Well Jackson, I'm just not sure how elaborate you're going to want this to be." He said, "This elaborate" and held his sweet little hands up about 6 inches apart. "We'll see - now go to sleep."

Flash forward two hours. He heads down the hall, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and mumbles, "Now let's pretend Christmas."

here we go. "Alright son, what did you have in mind?"

"First - let's get out the tree and decorate it." (Hello - welcome to my minefield - please watch your step.)

"No, we're not going to get out the tree. I know!!! Let's make a big 'ol paper tree! We can hang it on the wall and make decorations and everything!!"

He then proceeded to LOSE HIS MIND. Snot was flowing, big blue eyes streaming with tears, pleading with me, hands clasped in desperation, "PLEASE MAMA....PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!"

For twenty minutes straight. No exaggeration. And Kira followed right behind him, wringing her little hands, "peeeeeeeaaaasssse mama, pease."

For the first five minutes, I kept trying to come up with alternatives. Then I spent 5 minutes just holding him and saying "No, I'm sorry." Finally I just put him down and walked away, while he followed me pleading.

He finally calmed down and I thought we were done. Then Derek came home from work. "Daddy, are you ready to pretend Christmas?"

Now, Derek too, knows his son. He looked at me with fear in his eyes. ROCKderekHARDPLACE. "Well son, what did you have in mind?"

And there we went again for twenty more minutes. Good times.

I don't have any way to wrap this up prettily. I just hope next week is better. Has anyone seen my wine?


  1. How about....I'm dreaming of a silent...Christmas....oh, wait. That's two songs.

    Whatever doesn't kill you (and all that).

  2. I am just going to sit and pull my hair out with you. I thought things might be better when Kailey was more verbal. I, too, am going to need some wine.

  3. Drama, Drama, Drama! Been there, done that! What a big request of you to bring out the tree and all the trimmings? I thought your idea to make a paper tree was awesome! Too bad he didn't buy into it. That's the way it goes. Hopefully, you can find some zen this weekend. God love you!

  4. I have some wine. Happy to share! Hang in there!


  5. I'm going to have a glass of wine in your name, Wendy (and Derek and Kira). Wow. That is one clever and funny kid. Seriously though, this is the kind of stuff that is going to crack you up in 20 years (maybe even 5). This is some good stuff.

  6. Yeah, your wine is at my house. I drank it. Sorry.

    Some day we will look back on this and laugh, right?

  7. I think you handled it wonderfully. My daughter used to throw some pretty terrific tantrums too. Hang in there.

  8. You just successfully described, to a T, many episodes that have taken place in our house. I feel for you.