Friday, May 1, 2009

Kira Tales

Yesterday was just a great day. First, we opened our restaurant. Then, the kids finally got to play in the backyard after a few days of rain.

Kira was petting our cat, Ted, and they were having a lovely conversation. I'm not sure what Ted did, but apparently Kira thought he tried to bite her. I know this, because this was her half of their convo for like, 5 minutes:

"NO NO" (Shaking her finger at him)
"BOT!" (Stop - complete with hand out in a "stop" sign)
"pease. peeeeeeease."
"urt....urt" (hurt)

She'd start to walk away and then obviously feel that he didn't get the message - back she'd go for another round of chastising him. It was so freakin' cute. (Jackson declared his dinner "freakin' delicious" last night. I have no idea where he heard that.)

Then, she was trying to feed Ted a piece of cheese. She held it in front of his mouth, saying "Bite? Bite. BITE!". He wasn't interested at all. So she marched into the kitchen and threw it in his food bowl, and said, "Bite." Which really meant, "Oh yes you WILL eat this, Mr. Man!"

She was also getting really tired of all of the wet grass on her bare feet. I was cleaning the kitchen, when she marched purposefully through it, heading for her room. A couple of minutes later she came shuffling back through wearing Jackson's Crocs!


Why, yes. Yes, she is rockin' the t-shirt/diaper/Crocs combo.
Finally, I leave you with this. If you don't have any plans this weekend, we highly recommend washing dirty flip-flops in the birdbath.


  1. cute! I love the tshirt look!

  2. So very sweet and it seems like she's really coming into her own these days. What I don't understand is Ted not wanting any cheese? Do you think he needs to go to the dr.?

  3. Kam - he never has liked cheese, can you believe it?

  4. As a matter of fact, I don't have any plans this weekend. Your tip is as good as anything else I can come up with. ;-)

  5. You tell him Kira! Very cute in the crocs.

  6. Your kids are so freakin' cute!