Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OT visit

Kira saw her OT today. We had to skip last month's visit because Kira was sick, so we'll see L twice this month. We didn't receive paperwork; I wanted to get this down before I forget. This will seem kind of random, sorry!

-Work on tasks that require stabilizing with one hand and performing the task with the other - zippers, pouring from a pitcher into a cup, stringing beads, etc. Start working on zippers, buttons, velcro by dressing big dolls with Jackson and Kira's clothes.

-Serving herself during mealtime. We always plate at the stove, so I guess I should start having some things on the table. Jackson could probably use help with this one as well!

-When she's stacking, Kira likes to push down on the block, almost like she's making sure it's stuck on there. Use tasks like putting coins in a piggybank to work on gently releasing.

The visit went really well. L had these stacking cups and she worked with both kids with them forever. L (and the other therapists, too) are always great about including Jackson during therapy, but this time she was really working with Jackson on skills, too. It was so cool. The bottom cup was number 11, so she would ask Jackson which number was next in the countdown. He would figure out the number, find the cup, and hand it to Kira. Then we'd name the color and Kira would stack it. Once they were all stacked, L had the kids take turns kicking it over. The next round, L would ask Jackson what color went next in the sequence.

They worked with the peg board and she was giving me lots of ideas on using the pegboard with both kids. L knows that I'm considering homeschooling and I love that she really takes the time to teach me and Jackson, in addition to Kira. I also think it makes "therapy" seem more like a fun playtime for all of us, and not like we're trying to "fix what's broken" in Kira.

She also had Kira sort the stacking cups by color - two colors at a time. She only put the wrong colors together once! I was really impressed, because we've been working on color identification, but not sorting by color. She also pointed to and said "cheek" - I didn't even know she knew that word or body part! I really think Kira's best teachers are herself and Jackson. She knows things that I know I didn't teach her.

I'm going to be so sad when ECI is over for Kira. (Although I won't miss the getting ready for visits part.) We've been blessed with wonderful therapists who really get how our family operates. I'm so thankful.


  1. That's so cool. Our OT always seems sort of annoyed if William is here during the visits. I try to schedule them for when he's at school.

  2. I agree -- so cool! Most of our therapists love when Greta plays along, but our music therapist gets a little annoyed. Oh well... We're going to start working on colors more, too. Have a great day.

  3. That's nice they include your other child.
    I will probably homeschool Ruby when she gets bigger since that is what I have done with her siblings.Will you try and get private therapy for Kira if you homeschool?

  4. sounds like a great session!

  5. I'm not sure what I'll do about therapy, actually. My understanding is that she could still receive it through the school system. I'm going to have to do more research.

  6. I am continually amazed and impressed by your kiddos. You must be doing something (or lots of things) right, for sure!

  7. Karly - you're a doll - thank you! It's so completely not me, though. It's all them, individually and as a sibling pair. And I'm not saying that to be self-deprecating.

  8. Yeah, no, I am pretty sure you have a big part in it too, mama. And I'm not takin' "no" for an answer.