Tuesday, August 25, 2009

100 and 22

Ok, this really is my 100th post! And 22 is the final tally on the number of wasp stings Jackson ended up with yesterday. Yes, really, 22 wasp stings.

While I was outside hanging out the laundry, Jackson and Kira were playing in the yard. They started trekking through a flower bed area that has tall ground cover grassy stuff. All of a sudden, Jackson started screaming "OWW OWW OWW", I turned around and he was in a cloud of wasps. I ran over to him, knocked the one off that was still on him, grabbed him and Kira and ran into the house. I can't believe Kira didn't get stung; she was only about a yard away from him.

I started slapping baking soda and water all over him and gave him a dose of ibuprofen. I had to call the dr to find out what dosage of benadryl to give him. All the while, I am freaking out internally. What if he had been allergic? 22 stings!!

Final tally:
17 stings on his leg
2 on his back
1 on his arm
1 on his hand
1 on his face

Poor baby! He kept saying, "I wish I didn't walk through there!" I asked him if his leg felt like fire and he said, "I don't know what fire feels like." Good point.

I was amazed at how he handled, though. It had to have hurt like hell, but he quit crying after about 10 minutes. He hung out in a benadryl induced haze and watched tv all day. I think the only time the stings bothered him was when Kira would pat them while trying to mother him.

Needless to say, they aren't going back into the backyard until we bomb the holy living out of it.


  1. We had a wasp sting experience last fall when we went up into the mountains to take family pictures. We all went to sit on a log and saw a wasp and started running and the wasps followed us down the mountain and stung us over and over. It was so traumatic for all of us! my little ones are still terrified of bees. I googled all I could about wasps and am now sort of a self-proclaimed expert! :) The same wasp can sting over and over because they usually don't lose their stinger. I was wondering how I got so many bites in one local area. The same damn wasp was stinging me. I know our ped said to watch our kids if they got more than 10 stings...because even though they aren't allergic their kidneys could react to all the toxins in their system and cause problems. We didn't have any problems though. But the stings hurt for at least 2 weeks. Hope he feels better soon!!

  2. Congratulations on hitting your milestone!

    I'm so glad that Jackson is on the mend.

  3. OMG! I'm glad he's ok and didn't have a really bad reaction. Poor kid.

  4. yikes, that is just awful! Hope he is feeling better, poor guy. That would be scary.

  5. First off, congratulations on 100 posts. You beat me by 2! And second.... oh my gosh, how awful! I can't imagine being stung once, let alone repeatedly... and a little one to boot! I hear ice cream makes those go away.

  6. Wow...22!!! That's insane! I just can't imagine. I'm so paranoid for wasp stings, and I've passed that paranoia down to my kids. They see one and they freak! I've been stung (but only one at a time) and I know how bad it hurts, but my kids are high risk for allergies so it freaks me out more. I'm so glad to hear he's ok....what a trooper he is.

    Oh, btw, I started following your couponing blog, and it's full of great information! We don't have the coupon opportunities like you guys in the U.S. do, (we would never be able to save so much money....the stores don't do coupons here), but I have learned some interesting info from you. Hopefully my grocery bill will see the effects!

  7. Oh no! Wasps are evil. We have TWO wasp nests in our yard that need to be taken care of asap...

  8. Oh man, that is HORRIBLE! Poor guy! My mom had a bad wasp population IN her house when we visited once. One got inside Aidan's shirt and stung him several times before we could get it out. He is terrified of wasps and any bee looking like bugs.

  9. Evil wasps! Yesterday Kevin was at my dad's and took one of those long pool cleaner sticks and knocked down a wasp nest. He was so far away but they still chased him! He got into the house safely but one landed on the door and launched it's venom out on the glass!!! Crazy!

    Poor Jackson! That is definitely a memory he will have forever! Thank goodness Kira was safe!