Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We ended up on some mailing list that resulted in a catalog of children's Halloween costumes arriving yesterday. Jackson is sitting on the couch with his dad circling the ones he's interested in. Every so often he comes in here to ask me, "Mom, do you think you can make this one?"

Here he is last year. He was Glutterman - a superhero of his own creation.


  1. what a cutie!!! both of you are very creative! :) and i just read your post about the wasp. poor jackson, i can not believe it. i would be beyond freaking out. thank goodness, he isn't allergic or anything. poor little guy, i can't imagine.

  2. Love it! Those catalogs are fun to look at, but homemade costumes are the best.

  3. Oh what a creative child/grandson I have!

  4. That's awesome! He is way too cool! You are extremely creative yourself!