Sunday, August 9, 2009

this...oh and how 'bout some of that, too.

Thought I'd do a random pics and updates post.

Jackson randomly wanted to do a family portrait about 3 weeks ago - here's the best shot (pardon the red eye and ink on J's face):
I did the free Glidden paint offer that was making its way around the couponing blogs awhile back. Derek decided to re-paint the front door. Apparently blue is good feng shui for our door - just a happy accident. Derek and Jackson putting on the primer:

And here are two crazy children and Ted posing by the new blue door (pardon the messy painting on the handle/lock - we're putting in new hardware in the next couple of weeks. If you know us, you also know that it would look like that even if we weren't putting in new hardware in a couple of weeks.):

We attended the birthday party of beautiful Mia today. It was a great party! Mia's mom and dad did a wonderful job. The party was held on a very toddler friendly playground with a great pavilion - yummy brunch with delicious cupcakes and tie-dyed t-shirts for party favors. So much fun! (If it's ok with Mia's mom, I'll link to her party post when she does it.)

I've done some crafting, too. I made gift bags for Mia's gift and for cutie-pie Trevor (whose b-day party we had to miss). I also made Kira a pair of shorts out of the fruit fabric and Jackson another pair of jammie bottoms (like the ones he's wearing in the pic above) out of the striped fabric. They put them on and immediately covered them in chocolate ice cream stains. If I can clean them up, I'll post pics of those, too. So, anyway, gift bags (with books already in them):

The kids and I are starting to do letter-crafts similar to (and sometimes exactly like) the No Time for Flash Cards ones. First up, fine feathered friends:

We have Kira's first visit to the Down syndrome clinic this week. She's seen a geneticist since she was 3 months, but it's time to switch over. I'm a little nervous. She'll have her hearing tested and then we send those results on to the school system. I can't believe she's almost old enough to transition out of ECI and into the school system. Again, I'm a little nervous.

So, that's what's happening around here! Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!


  1. You're so crafty!! I love it! Cute family pic too!

  2. Love the family pic. Good idea, Jackson!

    Is Kira transitioned out of ECI as of this fall or does she have one more year? I am nervous and we still have a full school year left. Yikes!

  3. Karly - she's out of ECI at the end of November. We'll probably take December off and start her in PPCD in January. She'll most likely be in a blended pre-school class - 2/3 typically developing and 1/3 special needs.

  4. Great family pic! We don't take nearly enough of those.

    I can't believe Kira's almost 3! That's such a big transition - I'm sure she'll thrive in the new class.

    Would you believe I got WHITE paint for my freebie? BORING - but we need to repaint our porch. I'm hoping it's enough paint.

  5. Totally fine if you link...when I actually get some pictures up! :) Will let you know---

  6. Great pics! We got paint, too. Maybe I will do our front door as well. Actually, my dad and my MIL got some paint for us as we have THREE colors to choose from! :)