Monday, October 25, 2010

The Funk

You know how when you're a mom, you think you'll just power through whatever illness your body is fighting because you don't have time to rest? Yeah, sometimes you should rest.

I've been dealing with The Funk since last Tuesday. I did the PTA Pumpkin Patch fundraiser for Kira's school all day on Wednesday (We made $415!) and then went out on Wednesday night (Sound of Music singalong!) and stayed up way too late. Overdid it.

Felt like hammered poop for the rest of the week, but thought that I'd be able to do the garage sale Kam and I had planned for Sunday at her house. I was wrong.

If you have to convalesce, however, I highly recommend Kam and Teri's house.

Services include:
Hot toddies
Teri guarding the door so that your children MUST let you sleep for a two hour nap (bliss!)
Comfort food prepared by a professional chef - chicken with champagne cream sauce, spaghetti squash and quinoa. Yum.
Fabulous conversation and cute kids running around being cute

So, I'm pretty sure I've now moved on to sinus/ear infection and I'm heading to the doctor this afternoon. Hopefully with some antibiotics in my system, I'll be able to help make ghost pops for our next PTA thing, tomorrow. At this point, I'd just be passing on the plague, so I had to flake out for today.

Thank you Kam and Teri for taking such good care of me this weekend! And thank you Michelle for a fun movie night and for listening to me croak along to "doe a deer". And thank you Jane and Cary for making all day Pumpkin Patching so much fun.

And now I'm crawling back into bed until I have to crawl back out to pick Kira up from school.

Take your vitamins, y'all. Love, W.


  1. aw, feel better soon.

    Sound of Music singalong! OMG so jealous.

  2. All 3 De Leon's stayed home from work/school today. Thanks for the good weekend and the funk!

  3. Seriously? That dinner sounds amazing.

    I just had to say that.