Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Twins

Of her many, many baby dolls, Kira has two in particular that she loves. They've had hard lives. They never have clothes on. One is covered in pen marks. But, they are loved, loved, loved.

I often find them nestled into giant pull-ups on my bed. Or tucked gently into Kira's bed.

The other day, I went to use the computer and found them again. It looked like they were all tuckered out after watching something on Netflix.

I love finding evidence of pretend play that was going on while I was busy somewhere else. I love that she thought to give them a pillow and that she went to the linen closet to get them each a washcloth blanket. I love that she's such a good mama. My biggest wish is that, if she wants it to be, mothering will somehow be in her future. Sky's the limit.


  1. Yes, the sky is the limit! (Nana)

  2. I remember's Kira's mom doing the samething before a black and white TV. Poppy