Monday, July 6, 2009

5:00 am

That's what time my darling son woke me up this morning. His sister slept in until 6:15. Surprisingly, I'm in a great mood. And I've already cleaned out the fridge. I'll be crashing hard around 2:00 though.

The early rising was prompted by them both falling asleep at 6:00 pm last night in the car on the way home from an action packed 4th of July weekend at the grandparents' house. We went to see fireworks on Fri night and out to the parade on Sat.

They live kind of out in the country outside of the city limits, so Saturday night there were fireworks EVERYWHERE. I didn't even know you could buy big fireworks like that. The next door neighbors (relatively speaking) on both sides were shooting them off and along the horizon, you could see 5 or 6 different displays at any time. It was really cool.

Hope y'all had a lovely 4th, too!


  1. Oh! You poor thing! Glad to hear you had a great fourth! Get some sleep tonight ok?

  2. did you get a nap? glad you all had a good 4th!