Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jacksonisms (and one Kira-ism)

Some recent good ones:

- A couple of days ago, just after he woke up: "Mom, I'm enjoying being a big brother so much! Kira is a perfect little sister!"

- We went to eat with Kam, Teri, and Vin on Friday night. That evening I told Jackson how I was really proud of how well he behaved at the restaurant. He said, "Well, yeah, I didn't want to get kicked out."

- My parents were over on Saturday night and Jackson was treating them to a "40 chapter puppet show." Chapter 2 featured this lovely exchange between the two puppets:

puppet 1: Hey, where's your dad?

puppet 2: Oh, my mom pushed him off of a building.

puppet 1: She did? Why?

puppet 2: Well, he didn't tell very good jokes and he was always burning the toast.

- Kira's newest trick is to start walking away from me, then stop and turn around, hold up one finger and say, "Mommy...ight back." (Mommy, I'll be right back.) Then she says, "Bye!" and leaves. So cute.


  1. Your kids are scrumptiously adorable.

  2. Kids are the best! What would we do with ourselves without them??

  3. 40 chapters is whole lot of puppet show!

    Cute, though! That's what I love about blogging, I'd never write this kind of stuff down otherwise.

  4. Those are so sweet! Good idea to keep jotting them down.