Friday, July 17, 2009

kira speak

Some new phrases I wanted to jot down.

We were watching baby videos and I clicked on another page. Kira said: "Moh...moh...Baby ight back." (More. More. Baby right back.) She just started saying "ight back" a few days ago, so I was really excited to hear her incorporate it like that.

Today she said, " pease...moh read...Daddy?"

Yesterday, Ted (our cat) was in the kitchen. Kira thought he wanted to go out, so she moved the trash can out of the way and said, "Ted out? out? Ted?" He didn't move, so she walked away shaking her head and saying, "No out." It's the first time she's used negation like that. Pretty cool.


  1. how wonderful! she is doing great!

  2. Ya know, both your kids just sound so amazing! Kira is so inspiring to me :)