Monday, October 26, 2009


I missed two days of 31 for 21. I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon frantically sewing, then we headed to a birthday party and then to the in-laws for the rest of the weekend.

I'll post two extra to at least get the 31 in.

Final total on the crafting this past week: 1 tutu, 2 scarves (crochet), 3 capes (1 vampire, 1 superhero boyish, 1 superhero girlish), 1 skirt for Kira's costume that turned out ridiculous, 1 pants for Jackson's costume that were way too short

The birthday party we went to was costumes optional. I really thought that everyone would be in costume, but only like three kids were. Jackson wanted to be vampire batman (?), so I made him the vampire cape. I wanted to make a sort of jumpsuitesque thing but ran out of time. So, he wore the cape, his batman mask, vampire teeth, a batman underoos shirt, and the too short pants. He spent the whole party running around in just the underoos shirt and too short shiny lounge pants (think Hugh Hefner highwaters).

Kira ended up wearing Jackson's glutterman suit from last year and her girly superhero cape that I made. Of course she spent the party in just the lime green jumpsuit. That costume has had a hard year, so once we got to the party the seams started popping open. Nice.

No one asked what their costumes were supposed to be, because I don't think they were quite sure if they were costumes or not. I don't know how this is reading, but the memory of it is making me laugh so hard I'm crying. They looked like poor little urchins running around that playground!

Now for this week:

We have Kira's testing for PPCD. I'm so nervous. I have to call and get a copy of her hearing test to take with us. And I have to go pick up the paperwork to fill out. I'm nervous.

I need to make new costumes for Saturday. Honestly, I'm tempted to just raid the dress-up box for both of them.

Anyway, hope everyone had a lovely weekend. More later.


  1. I wish we could see pics of your vampire batman! Don't you just love how kids morph into the funniest characters at Halloween? I love their creativity. My Greta was a black cat / supergirl last year.

  2. Love the costume morphing! I bet your projects look cute! Hope you start to feel better about the testing and placement. I try to remember that they are only marking down what they see in a brief session and it may not be truly representative of all my child can do. ((hugs))

  3. So yeah, I am nowhere near 31...more like 15 for 21...but that is gonna have to be okay :)!!