Thursday, October 8, 2009

kira speak

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Derek, Kira, and I were checking out the Justin boots outlet in Ft Worth this morning. I think Kira might need some cowgirl boots. She walked down the display shelf like this:

"oooooh pih-ee boots! (takes a step over) oooooooh pih-ee boots! (takes a step over) oooooooh pih-ee boots!..."

And then she and I practiced walking tippy-toe while we waited for Daddy.

(ST and PT show up in the strangest places!)


  1. Go Kira!

    I was just looking at cowboy boots today. (Great minds think alike?) Target has some. Or would you be laughed at for those, in TX?

  2. NO WAY!!! I'm on the prowl for cowboy boots for Sienna. Did you get them? Is it worth the drive? Please share!

    Totally got too excited about boots... I see that you're encouraging the shoe thing and she's catching on very well. You should all be very proud. Good job, Kira! Shoes are the BEST!

  3. Cate, I went to my local Target this evening because someone told me they had them and they did NOT!! Which one did you go to?

  4. Oh, how cute! I can just see her shuffling around in cowgirl boots!!!