Thursday, October 22, 2009

quick post

Sorry I don't have much time (or much to say) today. I'm busy making birthday gifts - 4 of them - for parties in the next few days. I've finished a tutu and one scarf. I have one scarf and one superhero cape left to go. And then the kids' costumes. Oy!

The scarf took me two days to finish. Kira sat with me several times and played with the yarn and pretended to crochet while I worked. It was very sweet and lovely to be able to share that with her.

If you crochet (or knit - I'd love to learn), what age did you start teaching your littles? I'm not sure how to get started with her, but I'd love to pass the creating on to my girl. And to Jackson, too, if he's interested.

Again, sorry this is short and not Ds related, I just want to make sure that I really post 31 times!


  1. Crocheting is something I cannot do. I do knit however! I remember my grandma teaching me to knit when I was maybe around 7-ish? I could only do a simple scarf. You know, the knitting that just goes on and on for miles and miles! LOL. I didn't really pick it up until I was about 20 or so. My SIL taught me the basics, and I figured out the rest on my own. I made sweaters, afgans, baby stuff etc etc. One thing I never made though was a hat. I would love to make Kaia a cool hat! Most of them are crocheted though. Do you have any patterns for that? Maybe I could figure out crocheting....I'll look for a video on youtube

  2. knitting is easy! I mean, if I can do it, surely you can.

    I don't know what age to start, but I think a bit older. Maybe 7-8?

    ooh, and it's a fine motor skill!

  3. oh also, if you're looking for patterns (knit or crochet) check amazing stuff there.