Sunday, March 29, 2009

couponing - easy deal at Walgreens

Just a quick couponing post. There are a couple of good deals at Walgreens this week.

#1 - Chapstick Naturals are $1.99 and you get a $2 RR when you buy one.
#2 - Softsoap Bodywash is $3.99 and you get a Register Reward for a free bodywash when you buy one. There is also a $1/1 Softsoap Bodywash coupon in today's paper. At least for now, this particular deal is "rolling". That means that you buy your first bodywash and get a coupon for a free bodywash. When you "buy" your free bodywash another free bodywash coupon is printing. This is a glitch that may or may not get fixed during the week. ETA: - shows that the rolling is over.

I had another RR to start with, but if I was a first-timer here's what I would do:

Buy the Chapstick Naturals spend $2 and get a $2 RR. Use that RR and the $1/1 Softsoap coupon and buy the Softsoap bodywash - your oop (out of pocket) will be .99 + tax and you'll get the coupon for the free bodywash. Then you can just keep "rolling" your free bodywash.

ETA: to use the $1/1 Softsoap coupon and the RR you'll need two products (because the RR is a manufacturer's coupon as is the Softsoap coupon) - so you could buy the Softsoap and one of the 5/$1 pencils in this week's ad.

Even if they fix the glitch, for $3 oop you'll have 1 Chapstick Naturals and 2 Softsoap bodywashes. Not bad for $3. If you continue receiving Free Bodywash RR's, you're only limited by stores, stock, and how much gumption you have.

The $2 Chapstick RR will NOT roll. So, if you use it to buy another chapstick, you won't get another $2 RR. Also, you'll only receive 1 $2 RR per transaction. So, if you buy two Chapsticks at one time, you'll still only get one $2 RR.

Clear as mud? I know some of you coupon, so just wanted to post this in case you missed it! If you're wanting to get started couponing and have any questions, please ask! I LOVE turning people into couponers.

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  1. I coupon too! Not as much as I did before Goldie was born, but I give it a go when I can.