Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick Kids' Project

I saw this post on The Write Start awhile back and thought it was a great idea. Jennifer is a pediatric occupational therapist. I love her blog because she has really great ideas for encouraging/developing writing skills in kids AND she points out the fine motor skills involved in the activities.

I was out buying a gift for a birthday party on Sat and Joann's had a bunch of stickers on clearance. I found a cute set of farm-themed stickers with 2 of each sticker for .97. Jackson and I used index cards and in about 5 minutes had our memory game.

Cute, huh?

We've played several times. Kira's not quite ready for the actual memory game, so we've been using it for sorting activities, colors, and of course, two-handed play putting it in/taking it out of the ziploc bag.

I think it's great because I can throw the ziploc in my bag and have a quick activity for waiting rooms, restaurants, etc. And if a piece gets lost or ruined, no biggie, it only cost a buck!

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  1. Wow, great idea! Thanks for sharing this :)