Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Both of my kids are asleep. At the same time. During the day. I can't believe it.

Jackson is at the point where he really only needs one or two naps a week. Kira thinks she's at that point, too, but she's wrong.

We had Jackson's 4th birthday party this weekend. We had about 50 people in our tiny house. It was so much fun - I'll post pics as soon as I get some! We actually didn't take any, so I'm relying on the partygoers.

Last week was crazy trying to get ready for the party. The kids watched WAY too much TV. This week we've declared a no TV week, except for a couple of family movie nights. I'm really proud of us for doing this. I think we use it as a babysitter way too much. Kira keeps pointing to the TV and saying "atch?". Her brother is trying to figure out a way to trick me into turning it on.

Jackson: "Mom, you have two choices."

Me: "Ok?"

Jackson: "We can watch TV or we can be bored."

Me: "I choose bored."

Jackson: "That's not the right choice."

Anyway, without the TV, I've been fully present Mom. And that. is. exhausting. For all of us. I think that's why they actually both went down for a nap. (And did I mention that they're both asleep at the same time!?!)

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  1. We have a "No TV/video games on school days" rule ... I know your kids are too young. We do family movie night once a week or so.

    Now, Ruby often watches TV twice a day - one Signing Time in the morning, one after her nap.

    I'm so glad we have a DVR, then we record what we want - and watch it when the kids are in bed!