Saturday, March 7, 2009

for pictures of my son's bday party

Please check out my friend Kam's blog. And try not to drool over the menu from the Top Chef Finale party. (We're featured between the party and pics from Kam's super cool mommy group.)

Kam and Teri are dear friends of mine from way, way back. Kam is what would happen if Martha Stewart and Katie Brown could breed. Teri is an amazing, professional chef. Attending an event in their home is seriously like stepping into the pages of a magazine spread. Good food, Good friends, Good wine (or mimosas!) - just lovely, always!

AND, their son Vin is freakin' adorable! AND he just started crawling - GO VIN!

(I'll hopefully have pictures from the party on my own blog soon.)


  1. how cute are mom and dad?

  2. She's like a younger, hipper Martha Stewart.