Tuesday, March 17, 2009

couponing - home mailers

If you have a sec today, go through your pantry and make a list of products you like to use. Then take the time to email those companies and tell them you like their products. It doesn't have to be elaborate, here's what I usually say:

Just wanted to let you know that my family loves Product X. If possible, could we please be added to your mailing list? Thanks!

It takes about 15 seconds and I usually receive coupons from the company within a couple of weeks - sometimes even for free items. It's a great way to get coupons for organic/natural products. So, figure 10 minutes to make a quick list of 5-10 products and email the companies. Even if all 10 companies only send you one $1/1 coupon - it's still $10 for your 10 minutes of work.

If you're organized, jot down the date you contacted the company. Most of the time they don't have actual mailing lists and they'll tell you that in their reply. Your contact info is usually purged from their system in three months. So, you can contact them again in three months and receive another round of coupons. (I'm not that organized, though!)

Kickin' it up a notch - Once you get the coupons in the mail, don't run right out and use them - unless you need whatever it is right then. Wait until the product goes on sale, or is part of a larger promotion.

For example, you receive a coupon for Free Bodywash X. You can run out and get your free bodywash or you can wait and see if that particular bodywash will eventually earn an Extra Care Buck at CVS or a Register Reward at Walgreens. If you use it then, you'll have your free bodywash AND "money" to spend at that store. The product is going to be free up until the expire date on the coupon - it's up to you when to use it. Just be sure to use it before it expires!


  1. Great tips! I really need to get in the habit of writing to companies.

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  3. Thanks for the great info! Here and on my blog! You're awesome! You should make a blog specifically for couponing like moneysavingmom.com does! I think she gets money from clicks on links right?

  4. Yep, she does. And you're so sweet! I feel like there are so many great couponing blogs out there - I don't have anything new to add.

    At least for now, I feel like doing couponing posts on here might give some couponers more info about Ds, and some T21 bloggin' mamas more info about couponing.