Sunday, March 8, 2009

couponing - I love Walgreens

This is an awesome week at Walgreens! Prior to couponing, I rarely set foot in that store - now I'm usually there every week.

A little couponing intro: We're a family of 4, plus one 22-lb cat. I budget $250 a month for all of our food, hba, paper goods, diapers/wipes, and cat supplies. We eat primarily organic, whole foods - I always mention that when I discuss our budget/my couponing. There is a misconception out there that people who use coupons only feed their families crap - and that's just not the case for us.

Anyway, here's my Walgreens' haul so far this week:

1st trip:
3 jumbo packages of Huggies Pull-ups - $10 each
I used 3 $2/1 manu coupons
I also used the $1/1 coupon that's in a Walgreens' coloring book. (Walgreens allows "stacking" - using one manufacturer and one store coupon on one item.) - the coupon took $1 off of each package of pull-ups
After tax, my total was $22.68 and I received a $10 RR (register reward - a coupon good for my next order.)

2nd trip:
Irish Spring Body Wash $4.49
Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste $2.49
Gillete Fusion Gamer Razor $8.99
Russell Stover Candy Egg .39 (I thought the razor was .50 less - so I really didn't need to get this.)
I used the previous $10 RR, a $1/1 manu q on the Crest, a $4/1 manu q on the razor for a grand total of $1.36. I received a coupon for a free Irish Spring Body Wash, a $4 RR for the razor, and a $1 RR for the toothpaste.

Later, I'll go back out and do the following:

3rd trip:
3 Huggies Pull-ups
Irish Spring Body Wash
2 small fillers - probably more candy for the easter baskets (the RR are technically manufacturer coupons. Since I already have coupons for all of the items, I have to have "fillers" - items that the RR can attach themselves to.)
I'll use the free coupon, the $4 RR, the $1 RR, 3 $2/1 Huggies Pull-ups, and the coloring book coupon.
My total should be $18.12 and I'll receive another $10 RR

4th trip:
Razor again
Toothpaste again
Coffee Filters
something small to get me just over $10
After my coupons and RR, I'll pay a few cents (whatever tax I owe) and I'll have another $4 RR and $1 RR to save for next week's deals.

I'll submit my receipts for the Huggies for a .75 per package rebate - and end up getting $4.68 back.

So - to summarize - for just under $43, I'll have:

6 jumbo packs of Pull-ups
2 Irish Spring body washes
2 Fusion Gamer razors
2 Crest Pro-Health toothpastes
Coffee Filters
Candy to start easter baskets with (or more likely, to guiltily sneak myself when the kids aren't looking.)

$5 in RR to use later and another $4.68 in the mail in a couple of weeks. (I don't like to calculate my savings backwards. Any RR left over or rebates expected just count towards my next deal.)

I love coupons!


  1. has a $5.00 of Gentle Care (for newborns) and $3.00 off ... I forget what type of Huggies. YOu can print each twice per computer - I was able to use the $3.00 off coupons at my Walgreens this morning. So, with the coloring book coupon - that made $12 off my 3 packs of Huggies!!

  2. That $5 is an awesome coupon! My printer isn't running, so I wasn't able to get my hands on it. You can use it at Target to get the big pack of Gentle Care wipes for .99, I think - If you haven't used it yet.

    Have you seen the Caregiver's Marketplace? That's where I get rebates on Huggies diapers/pull-ups.

  3. Came on over via Lisa's blog.

    I'm impressed by your mad couponing skillz!

  4. Wow, I am totally going to have to keep an eye out for more of your tips. One of my main excuses for not couponing is that we eat organic and whole foods.