Thursday, March 26, 2009

'ide BOO!

I just went into my bedroom where I had left Kira moments before. No Kira to be found. Derek's closet door is cracked and I hear a little voice whispering, "ide...ide". So, I call, "Kira, where are you?" Then she opens the door walks all the way out and says, "Boo.".

She's been playing "...'ide and boo" like peek-a-boo forever, but this is the first time it actually looked like a formal game of hide-n-seek. I'm sure glad I figured out we were playing it! Who knows how long she would have stayed in there.


  1. She's amazingly and incredibly adorable. What a smart girl you have!

  2. How cute. 2 year olds are sooo much fun!

  3. LOL...yeah, I wonder how long she would have stayed there too! I think after an hour, my Charlie would have given up!

  4. That is definitely the cutest thing I have heard of today. And quite an impressive milestone to boot! Their patience astounds me (when they want to be patient that is). Leo can hide inside a box with a blanket covering him for a l-o-n-g time. But when I don't hand over the snack he wants at that instant? Not so much patience.
    Go Kira!